A Face in the Jewel – new song

Hey, you! Are you looking for a 13-year-old boy who has various talents in areas such as music composition, film score, poetry, fiction writing, speech, persuasive argument, film review, theatre review, music review, book review and the occasional animation? Well, my friend, let me just say that man, you have very specific needs. Also, that’s me. I do all of that. And then some.


Current projects:

There’s a new visual arts webpage thingy which looks cool!

So ye, I’ve started working in visual arts now. There’s a new page which you can find in the home menu which will display a collection of paintings, digital art, photography and some assorted album covers. It’s looking quite dope.

This website probably needed more work.


Hey by the way, I’d just like to mention that I designed this frikkin’ sweet logo. I mean, look at it. So cool.


I also took the background photo which looks pretty swell.